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This site is a site especially created for those who find an interest in graffiti, and other sorts of street art.

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Using What You Got

Yes you can go on an online store and buy some markers, but what if you are under age, or do not have a credit/debit card? Well many things you use in every day life can be transformed to function like something you want. For example in a video on YouTube shows how a guy turns a plain glue stick into a marker.


If you for some reason can't make wheatpaste, or if it is too messy, then this is what you need. This goes for people in the U.S. only. Go to www.usps.com, find the 228 Label, they are free and you can order up to 500 at a time. When you have ordered the labels and have confirmed it by the phone call they send you it will arrive shortly. In the blank area in the center, you can write your tag and put it were ever you want.

Spray Paint

At most hardware stores you must be 18 years old to purchase spray paint, but if you can't get the spray paint heres some help. Asking an older friend is easy at first but then it can get messy. At most large super markets they sell Visa Debit cards that are reloadable and only cost $9.95. You can buy one of these and buy as much spray paint or whatever you want, the only limit is your green ($$$).


Markers aren't hard to get! If you want just something to tag with go to a super market and get any large pen for example the sharpie magnum (not a gun), and the sharpie king size. These are just the basics, but if you want something more hardcore go to a local graffiti store (if possible) or do the same with the debit card described in the Spray Paint section.

Online Store Links

These are some good online graffiti stores that I recommend:

Original Wheatpaste Recipe

Heres the original wheatpaste recipe...

*Mix one cup flour for every cup and a half of water into a pot.*Boil on a very low heat, stirring constantly. (with a wisk, if possible)*Continue boiling/stirring as paste becomes thicker.*After approx. 20-30 mins., paste will become thinner and more transparent.*Upon reaching desired smooth, pliable, and somewhat transparent consistency, put paste into air-tight jar or bottle or other such container.*Let cool.Application*With paintbrush or rag, coat surface with a thin layer of wheatpaste. It should go on clear.*Apply poster/artwork to coated area and flatten. Be sure all edges are sealed.*Apply thin coat of paste to surface of work. (Optional)----above stolen from SLY----Supplies needed: Wheat flour Water Paint brushes or inexpensive sponge brushes Fliers and/or posters Container with lid Gloves* Plastic bag* * OptionalWhether you're pasting artwork, political posters or fliers for a show, wheat paste is a good medium to glue them up with. Unlike wallpaper paste, wheat flour is cheap and easy to get a hold of. If you're going to be doing a lot of pasting, a bucket with a lid, a handle, and a paint roller work well. Otherwise a plastic container with a lid will hold enough.Pour dry wheat flour into the container about 1/3 of the way full. Slowly mix it with water, stirring as you do so. You want the wheat paste to be thin enough to paint onto walls but thick enough to stick.To put something up paint the wall with a thick layer of paste and smooth your poster over it. Make sure you glue the edges down. Don't paste over the poster or you won't be able to see it. Wheat paste is not clear. If you're worried that the poster might get damaged in the weather, or if you want to make it harder to take down, spray [or paint] a clear coating of shellac over it. The wheat paste sticks best to surfaces like cement. If you put the poster up well enough the only way anyone is going to be able to take it down is by buffing it off.If you're worried about being linked to the crime, wear gloves and carry a plastic bag with you. If you see a security guard or a police officer, put all your wheat pasting supplies in the bag. To make it even less suspicious wear some nice light-colored clothing (so that the wheat paste doesn't show up on it) and carry a Gap shopping bag. Play it off.Remember, it's best to wheat paste with a purpose. It's a great way to make a political (or anti-political) statement or put up your artwork for others to enjoy. Good luck and have fun!-----above taken from www.radio4all.org/aia/comm_postering.html-----


No, I do not mean the sound a pig makes but the great company. This company makes hand-made inks and great mops, not to forget the extremely low prices you can't find anywhere else. If you are searching for markers, spray paint, inks, gloves, etc. check out oink at:


Also check out their videos on youtube!